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We move wemen's mind
Biz Area
We move wemen's mind

Cosmetics product development

We study the core competencies of our clients and the needs of consumers. 

Consumer characteristics are also different according to distribution channel. 

We develop cosmetics for target consumers by distribution channel. 

Future direction forecasts reflecting cosmetics market trends. 

Concept Planning & Development. 

New material offer. 

Brand naming, design, package planning. 

Detail branding that takes into account the age and lifestyle of the consumer. 

Proceeds monthly.

TV homeshopping vendor (planning & operation)

TV homeshopping planning & operation vendor 

Item : Cosmetics, Fashion, Household Goods

Channel : whole TV homeshopping & T-commerce channel

- Scenario: Broadcast meeting / video production progress 

- Broadcasting operation: preparation of display such as display exposed to broadcasting



Doctor Bronner's


Steam Cream


E-Commerce Operation

Online sales professional operator. 

Operate its own shoppingmall of domestic and overseas goods and act as agent of other shopping mall. 

From marketing to sales to product management, C/S, and logistics operation. 

Secure communication channel based on collaboration with shopping malls such as general shopping mall, open market, and closed mall. 

Selecting the best online operating channel according to brand characteristics and developing sales

Milimage (makeup)

JEJU Freshmall

Hair loss prevention shampoo

Cosmetics Marketing

Cosmetics marketing professionals study cosmetics. 

Understand and direct your brand's goals. 

We do not develop strategies based on specific media. 

We operate IMC in Media Neutral position. 

Leverage both online and offline. 

Low cost and high efficiency. 

 - Strategy development, creative strategy, mass media, online advertising, New media advertising planning, 

   promotion planning, design planning, video production


Do you work in the cosmetics industry? You COSMEPEOPLE !! 

Do you study in the cosmetics department? You COSMEPEOPLE !! 

COSMEPEOPLE is a professional community site for the cosmetics industry. 

We are focused on core services that are essential to the industry.

< How about that company? > 

- Industry reputation, pros and cons for cosmetics companies, salary, welfare, corporate culture, etc. 

- Anonymous questions and answers are available (log out is allowed) 

- Frank questions and answers about the company considering the job change and employment 

< Where is he? >

- There is someone who wants to meet again and work together. Where are you now, Junior? 

- Where is my cosmetics company working for my school? 

- Head Hunters can search for user profile information 

< COSME Study Room >

- You can freely ask and answer any question (write your logout) 

- Cosmetics related business, brand development, design, production, distribution, export, etc. 

- Only the industry leaders are the ones who will solve the troubles that have been caused by working!

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